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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 3, 2023 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> welcome back. >> did you miss me? >> yes, of course. i'm max foster joining you live from london, just ahead on "cnn newsroom." the threats themselves remain the same, still talking damaging winds and hail to be the main threat. >> super busy, super packed. tensions are high. >> i knew how it was going to be. there was going to be long lines. >> we want everyone to come forward and say treat this as if it was your door, your son, your brother, your cousin that was out here shot at this event. >> this is insanity, this cannot, cannot be the society that we are expected to live in. >> to remove the safe haven mentality that was in the minds of militants. a very extensive operation, much bigger than the ones we've seen in the past and is still ongoing. ♪ live from london, this is
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"cnn newsroom" with max foster and bianca nobilo. this monday, july 3rd, 9:00 a.m. here in london, 4:00 a.m. on the u.s. east coast where millions of americans are under severe weather threats heading into the independence day holiday. >> from mississippi to massachusetts, strong hail and possibility of strong storms churn across the country. this video shows video throughout the country after record rainfall. the weather is creating a travel nightmare for those waiting to spend the holiday away from home. >> almost 400 flights have either been delayed or cancelled in the u.s. today, according to flight aware, up to 8,000 on sunday. >> but aaa estimates 50 million people are expected to travel for the holiday. u.s. transportation secretary pete buttigieg said it's another sign that the travel industry is returning to normal. >> things look like they've quickly returned to normal for the system.
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and united appears to have recovered. even on blue sky days with no severe weather there were unacceptable levels of cancellations and delays. we've come a long way. >> 50 million americans are under heat warning as well. cnn's meteorologist allison chinchar tells how hot it's going to get. >> another concern is the heat. not just for today, and really over the next several days, two different areas of the country one across the southeast where we have heat advisories effect and some excessive heat warnings outside to the west. this is where the temperatures could exceed the 110s or possibly get into the 120s, especially across death valley. temperatures here expected to continue to rise tuesday and wednesday of this week, even stretching as far north as oregon and washington where we do have the potential to break some records. in fact, over 30 cities have the potential to break some records well into tuesday and wednesday of the upcoming week as well. tragically, gun violence is
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overshadowing another holiday weekend in the united states. police in baltimore are investigating a mass shooting that erupted saturday night at a block party. at least two people were killed 28 others were wounded. >> most are teenagers, some as young as 13. local officials are asking the community to help in finding those responsible. >> detectives, federal partners, are still looking for evidence and will continue to look for evidence, in we find everything that we need to prosecute and arrest these individuals. the folks who have information, come forward. don't just rely on the baltimore police department and our federal partners to solve this crime. >> religious leaders gathered sunday in the brooklyn homes neighborhood to pray for the victims and those affected by the violence. baltimore's mayor has vowed that the investigation won't end in the responsible parties are found. cnn's gloria pazmino has more.
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>> reporter: we've learned more details, police very much in the early staegs of this investigation, but they have confirmed to us that they are looking for more than one shooter. they believe multiple people may have been involved in last night's violence. they have not identified the suspects. so no one is in custody just yet. but we do know that they are looking for multi time people. now, another important detail, police tells that you 30 people were injured, caught up in the gunfire. two of them were killed an 18-year-old woman and a 20-year-old man. and. 28 others sustained gunshot injuries. so you can just imagine the panic that was unfolding here. now, we are in the brooklyn homes section of baltimore. and this a neighborhood that was doing much of what so many communities across the country are doing right now, it is a holiday weekend. people have gathered to celebrate. there was a block party. and there were families and children that had gathered here. police say it was shortly after
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midnight that shots rang out, sending everyone into a panic. people running to cover. i spoke to people here today who told me it was absolute chaos, as they heard the gunshots and they tried to get to safety. now, we heard from the mayor and local law enforcement officials asking people to come forward if they have any information. >> we are asking, again, that anyone that knows anything about this mass shooting, and that's what i want to call this, a mass shooting. we want this shooting to be treated just as it happened in rural america. we want everyone to come forward and say, treat this as if it was your daughter, your son, your brother, your cousin that was out here, shot at this event. >> reporter: mayor scott also very critical of gun violence in america. saying that this is not just a problem here in baltimore, but really all across the country. he was critical of access to illegal guns saying that gun
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manufacturers are able to bring guns into this community. so, very critical on that front as well. law enforcement officials also telling us they are still combing through the individual dwlee was gathered from this area. and they have videos that have been posted to social media which appear to show a person who has a gun inside a bag. so, it sounds like they are starting to piece information that may lead them to the people that were thind this violence here last night. reporting in baltimore, gloria pazmino, cnn. tensions have flared once again in west bank as israel stages what it's calling a counterterrorism version in jenin and its refugee camp. gunfire rattled the streets as israeli forces carried out their assault. an unverified video appeared to show large explosions. the olympian health ministry
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says at least five people have been killed and 26 others injured while a sixth person was shot and killed neera maul la. forces say it was striking forces infrastructure at a command center that they were using as a base. meantime,s real is basing for another round of protests around prime minister benjamin netanyahu's reforms. planning to converge on the main airport in tel aviv, police are warning them to be responsible and not block access to the airport. >> the protest comes as tens of thousands pushed back on the street which is would limit the powers of the supreme court. >> let's go to tel aviv. tell us more about the objective of the so-called counterterrorist operation, and how long we can expect that to last in jenin. >> bianca, we don't know how long it's going to last. it's open-ended. it's been going on now for some ten hours.
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that's when it began with an air strike from an israeli drone against that command center that israel says it's being used by militants, this particular building was used as an observation center and refugees of militants they would come back to seek refuge. the palestinian ministry of health saying that five palestinians have been killed so far. and that some 27 have been injured including seven critically. israel says also in the last half our or go, they've carried out further air strikes against gunman and terrorist infrastructure, it says, including weapons production facilities and also explosive device storage facilities. we're also learning in the last few minutes that a soldier has suffered injuries and taken to the hospital after apparently being injured by one of the idf's engrenades. this operation is open and one of the biggest one we've seen.
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and foreign ministerlely cohen speaking with journalists say this is a strike against a terrorism hub and israel is doing so with great strength. and the other thing that israel says it's doing here is to remove, in its words, safe haven mind-set that militants have, it says, in the jenin refugee camp. this is a place where they can plan attacks that they can carry out attacks from. and that they can then come back to after carrying out attacks. that's something thats rs israe says it is trying to do away with, as part of an operation, an operation that's been condemned by the palestinian authority, egypt and by jordan. >> and yet, these protests against the proposed judicial overhaul have been long enduring now. but they do seem to be gaining momentum. and protesters are involved by the fact that netanyahu said days ago he was willing to drama the potential ly overhaul of
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this. >> that's right. two that they're demonstrating against, one, to reduce the power of the supreme court to strike out laws passed by the government of the day. and also enabling the government of the day to effectively pack the supreme court with judges that are too its liking. so those are the main two bits that the demonstrators are protesting against. we've seen the protests taking place for the past six months or so, earlier today they were blockading one of the two major ports in the north and south, haifa, and the plan is to go to the international airport just outside of tel aviv. this is the main in and out for international passengers. some 90,000 due in and out today. israel is going to try to make sure things continue as normal. bianca. >> thank you so much. to france where unrest has
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been eased but tensions linger after days of violent protests. officials a 157 people were detained overnight. >> and a week ago it sparked the fatal shooting of a 17-year-old. in the coming hour, the french president emmanuel macron is set to meet with upper houses of parliament. the shooting victim's grandmother also calling for calm. >> some 45,000 security forces remain deployed across the country as officials brace for any further flare-ups of violence. >> let's head to paris now where cnn's nic robertson is standing by with the very latest. it was a bit calm last night, nic. do you think that's a reflection of what the family have been asking for? >> reporter: i think it's a trend we're seeing over the past few days and it's a reflection, probably, of the mood, across the country. the government's message. the very high and tight security
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that i think has put a lid on some of the violence and protests. one of the metrics, for example, 352 fires last night, 871 the night before, 2560 the night before, 3880 the night before. even before nyles' grandmother made the appeal, the violence had been slowing down. can you attribute that to the fact that some of its run its course? can you contribute that to the fact that police are out in very big numbers and in the south of france champs-elysees sunday night, you have police chasing down rioters. but the appeal by the grandmother will certainly touch the understanding of a lot of people here. >> translator: i blame the policeman who killed my grandson. i'm the grandmother. i blame the policeman who killed my grandson.
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that's all i want. the police they are here, fortunately, they are here. people that are breaking things i tell them, stop, stop. they used mahall's death as pretext, now they must stop. >> reporter: so what they went on to say, the buses that have been damaged, your mothers use those buses. the town halls that are being damaged, your mothers use those town mhalls. what you're destroying is you. the 2,000 at that point detained, the average age was 17. so i think it's an effort by parents, by adults in the neighborhoods to send a message to their children as well. whatever the injustice has done, you're also damaging your own society, your own communities at the moment. and that's the message, of course that the government hopes will stick, along with very, very heavy security presence.
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which yesterday, we heard the interior minister commit to again. >> nic robertson in paris, thank you. in new hampshire, dozens of people were injured when an suv crashed into a small town bar on sunday. police say the car was involved with another vehicle when it careened into the looney bin bar. >> so far, no word on any charges. the north carolina department of labor says the enormous roller coaster that faced a shutdown after a large crack was found. the crack was found by a man whose daughter road it eight times friday. >> the roller coaster 325 feet tall. it opened in 2015 and was billed as the longest coaster in america. >> thank you him for noticing. >> exactly, it was good to have a diligent father. the u.s. secretary is set to
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visit china, as washington tries to stabilize its relations with beijing. we'll go live to hong kong for a preview of janet yellen's trip. thousands of workers have walked off in the job in california. later, mike pence is reporting he was pressured by donald trump over arizona's 2020 election results. we'll hear from the former vice president just ahead.
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♪ the latest high-ranking official to work on repairing strained u.s. ties with china, janet yellen the u.s. secretary plans to travel there this week. but compared xi jinping to dictators, joining us annaconen. there's been ups and downs in the relationship. do you think janet yellen is the grown-up to fix it? >> yeah, to put it mildly, max, i think that she'll be welcomed with opens arms. we always knew that she planned to go to beijing, we just didn't
1:21 am
realize how quickly are blinken, the u.s. secretary of state just two weeks ago, and now janet yellen will be there a little later this week. we don't know her exact itinerary, but we do understand she'll meet with her chinese counterpart and other high-ranking officials which will be constructive conversation. similar to blinken's troupe, officials are saying they're not expecting any significant breakthrough. she's not expected to be meeting with the chinese president xi jinping either. yellen has long signaled the biden administration's desire to improve communications with the chinese and really lower the temperature between the world's two largest economies, which as we know are deeply entwined. back in april, while giving testimony to congress, she stressed the importance of maintaining ties with china. and said that decoupling would be a big mistake. and then last month, the paris finance summit on stage with
1:22 am
chinese premier li. she said, let me read it to you, as the world's two largest economies we also have a responsibility to work together on global issues. it is something the world expects of us. and of course, you know, yellen's trip comes at a time when there's real uncertainty for the global economy. china is struggling to reboot its economy post-covid. and the u.s., you know, trying to contain inflation and avoid a recession. global challenges and mutual areas of concern will no doubt be on the agenda, but the area of grievances will no doubt be a priority. the u.s. has imposed sweeping restrictions on china's access to advance technology specifically, semiconductor technology, citing national security threats to the u.s. this has very much upset the chinese. as far as america is concerned, the scope of china's new counterespionage law and the challenges it could present for
1:23 am
foreign companies is quite alarming. we know that yellen will be meeting with american companies operating in china. obviously, a lot to discuss on her three-day visits, but at the end of the day, max and bianca, these are two countries that trade something like $700 billion a year. you know, at the end of the day, they both need each other. >> okay, anna, thank you. i've noticed that frank conversations have emerged in euphemisms when there's tensions between countries, they're always having frank conversations. >> and do we expect anything that's come out of it. u.s. president joe biden will be hitting the road, starting next weekend, a trip to europe. first, he'll meet with the prime minister and king charles in the united kingdom and then mr. biden's next stop has been of vital importance as 34e meets at two different summits. the priscilla alvarez explains.
1:24 am
>> reporter: prd biden will be visiting three countries, lithuania and united kingdom. he's set to meet king charles iii who was recently korenated, as well as the prime minister who visited last month. those high stakes will be continued for the president at the nato summit where there is sure to be going to be discussion over ukraine and the war that is ongoing there. particularly, after the counteroffensive that's been launched and those internal tensions in russia all of that looming over this summit. now president biden has repeatedly talked about the strength of the nato alliance also saying it's never been, quote, more united. but in all of the discussions the ongoing debate will be looming over all of it over how and when ukraine may become part of that alliance. now, after that summit, president biden will then go tofyland where he'll conclude his three-country trip. priscilla alvarez, cnn, the
1:25 am
white house. and fighting for nonstop support with ukraine ever since the war began, military leaders say critical units of the u.s. army are stretched too thin. >> the navy's air defense is charged with missiles around the glob to protect around-the-clock terrorists. cnn explains the pressure that those units are under. >> the leaders have said they've seen an increase in soldiers going to behavorial help on post, so seeking out mental health support. and they're concerned about the wear and tear on families. in the pentagon, you recruit the service member but retain the family. that's a concern as well, they're working to mitigate the issues, as well as keeping them ready for the mission. they're stepping up the air defense that's staggered. and uplift the ranks, they're also bemding mental health specialists, behavorial health
1:26 am
specials into air defense brigades to get someone closer to the soldiers if case they need them. they're reducing commitment, reducing commitment in the middle east especially as foreign allies and others in the region can provide other air defense. ukraine is reporting heavy fighting along the entire eastern front with russian forces attacking in several directions, and making some advances. but ukrainian officials say their forces are having partial success, south of bakhmut. they posted this video showing what appears to be a strike on a russian tank in the region. and ukraine says it's gradually advancing along the southern front lines. clare sebastian joins us now to discuss some of the latest lines coming out of the conflict. clare, let's start with the rather startle statement that we had from a russian member of the parliament who said that 700,000 ukrainian children are now in
1:27 am
russian territory, as a result of russia's invasion. which i just had a quick look at statistics that would make it about under 10% of under-18s. >> yeah, it's strange, the number is a staggering orders higher than the russian military said that were deported in early june. brought 700,000 back. he doesn't offer any evidence. he intends to use this as accusing ukraine of mistreating teens in the southeast of the country. he said in recent years. the time line is vague, some of it may have happened before the all-out invasion of ukraine. he said this is part of a program to protect orphans, children abandoned in the war zone. and they include parents and orphanages. this is important to us because obviously, there is evidence this is happening.
1:28 am
enough evidence to indict the president of the country. president vladimir putin was indicted in march with regard to childrens' rights. the commissioner particularly important to watch as we see ukraine take another step cords justice in the war. in the next hour, they'll be opening an international center in the hague to investigate the leadership crime that led to the potential decisions that led to the invasion itself. this is a type of crime that's not been persecuted sinceurembe. this is a step to that by russian leaders. >> but what power does something like that have? it seems like there's depleasingly little muscle behind any of these international institutions or even the launching of this new international center in the hague, at the time when the conflict is active and all of the officials involved are in russian territory or in the war zone? >> you know, that is ultimately what came to mind. when you see the comment from the russian lawmaker saying
1:29 am
700,000, why would you come out with that comment when your president has been indicted, when there's pure evidence this is. what, the war sees this as a war crime. i think there is an understanding in russia that there's not very much that can be done to actually reach the leadership of the country itself. but it would be very important symbolically for ukraine to get this all of the ground. >> clare sebastian, thank you. thousands of hotel workers have walked off the job in southern california saying they can't afford to live in city where is they work. plus, another bus carrying dozens of migrants arrive in los angeles in a similar scene to what happened last month. what we know about the asysylum seekers coming up next. less static. less wrinkles.s. more softness. more freshness. bounce. it's the sheet.
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i'm max foster. if you're just joining you, let's bring you up to date with the top stories this hour. millions of american are under severe weather threats heading into the fourth of july holiday. extreme weather, rain and hail and even tornadoes possibilities as the storm hits the south and east coast. so far, 750 flights have been cancelled and delayed out of the u.s. and investigators are searching for two suspects in a shooting in baltimore at a block party. officials are asking for help finding those responsible. today is the first full day on the picket line for thousands of hotel workers in los angeles and orange county, california. this strike comes amidst the busy july 4th holiday weekend. and with the summer tourist season overall ramping up,
1:34 am
here's where things stand at the moment. union employees at 65 major hotels walked off the job on sunday morning. they're demanding higher pay and better benefits. and they say that they're being priced out of the cities in which they work. many of the hotels are now using management personnel and nonjune staffers just to keep things running in the sbor rim. a interim. them could be doing so for quite some time. keep an eye on that in the next couple of days, maybe more, max. >> thank you. we're learning more about the dozens of migrants tonight los angeles through texas over the weekend. it's the second bus load of migrants to the city in the past few weeks and part of a growing trend of the republican governors sending asylum seekers to democratic-led states. cnn's camila bernal has more. >> reporter: these are 41 migrants that we're told are tired but have a sense of relief to be here in los angeles.
1:35 am
41, 11 in the group were children. and these are people coming from a number of different countries including cuba, belize, colombia, venezuela, nicaragua, el salvador and others. a lot of these people, i'm today, knew they were coming to los angeles. a lot of them having sponsors or family members here in los angeles. and also have immigration court dates here in the los angeles area. when i am being told by officials in l.a. is that they were not formerly notified that this bus was coming, but they were able to get confirmation from the city of brownsville. so, with the nonprofits and the faith-based groups are saying that this time around, the process was a lot smoother. they knew what they were expecting. and what they're saying is they-continue to help these migrants, welcome them with open arms and treat them with dignity. here is annika sellers. >> i talked to a couple of young
1:36 am
men who have been walking for months themselves. so, this is the first time, after arriving at brownsville, getting on a bus, finally, that they actually get a chance just to sit and rest. and now they're here in the united states. so, what we're doing is just making sure that the individuals understand also their legal situation. >> reporter: now, we know republican governors have been transporting migrants to democratic-led cities. governor greg abbott of texas has already said he bussed more than 23,000 migrants. we have reached out to his office and have not heard back. but in the past, he has used this to criticize the federal government for efforts and work at the border. officials here in los angeles say this is a political stunt. and again, say they will welcome these migrants with open arms. camila bernal, cnn, los angeles. former u.s. president mike pence says he doesn't recall any pressure in donald trump in
1:37 am
asking him to call arizona governor doug ducey about the loss in the 2020 election. >> cnn has reported that the former president pressured ducey to find the election results. here's what pence had to say about that. >> i did check in with not only governor ducey, but other governors in the states going through the legal process of reviewing their election results. there were was no pressure involved, margaret. i was calling to get an update. i passed along that information to the president. it was no more, no less than that. >> ron desantis' campaign has put out a new ad targeting his chief rival former president donald trump. in the ad, desantis slams trump for not only supporting but courting lgbtq voters. >> i will do everything in my power to protect our lgbtq citizens. ♪
1:38 am
♪ ♪ >> was that -- that video is being wildly condemned as homophobic as cnn's kristen holmes reports it's the latest attack in the growing fooud between the top-two 2024 contenders. >> they have said to me both on background and on the record they believe this is some kind of scrambling attempt for ron desantis to get relevancy. to kind of bring up his poll numbers but also the video itself is just bizarre. they like the fact it's now being talked about. they talk about why are there pictures of shirtless men, in between head line of ron desantis condemning and not teaching gender ideology. there's a lot of conversation
1:39 am
around that. the other thing i want to note, those statements made at the very top of that clip it's unclear that desantis knew what they were doing, but they were taken a month after the pulse shooting and what donald trump was accepting the nomination. if you actually listen to the entire speech which i did afterwards, the next lines are protecting people from domestic terrorism. so it was strange, you know, to many people watching the video, as well as to the trump campaign that those are the remarks they would use a former presidential candidate, the leader of the republican party, essentially offering his support after a tragic event. if you look at the polling, donald trump is still leading by quite a big margin right now. you know, we've seen time and time again, during the psych in particular, republican establishment, republicans coming out saying they're not going to support him this round. donors saying they're not going to support him this round. we just saw the koch brothers saying they're putting $70 million against anybody running against zmp zmp. the question is who is that going to be.
1:40 am
many believe it's going to be ron desantis. that he was going to take on trump head to head. right now, even with two indictments, trump is still leading in the polls. so, it's unclear if there's going to be ail moment where desantis has a breakout. but, of course, as we know, it's still very early and those debates will make a big difference. the work from home trend is taking a toll with all of those effort office buildings, the real estate industry is facing major financial distress. we've got more on that coming up ahead. for a cleaner, healthier mouth. listerine. feel the whoa!
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♪ torrential rain has triggered flash flooding and landslides in mountainous areas of east and southwest china. people have been evacuated from the onslaught of bad weather hitting those regions. you can see here mud flows and rescuers working to clear debris away from the roads. and rescue crews are using ropes to try and move stranded people to higher ground. in japan, authorities are
1:44 am
reporting heavy rains have left one man dead and at least one other person missing. evacuation warnings were issued for nearly 2 million people on saturday. many homes were under water after strong downpours hit the region. after decades of booming growth, the commercial real estate industry has hit a wall. property values are plummeting. offices in many cases stand empty. and rising interest rates could pressure the industry even further. cnn's vanessa yurkevich explains. >> reporter: they're statuesque, vast and staggering and empty. office buildings once stacked high with businesses are experiencing high vike cannes rates in the u.s. 19%, 5.5% higher than before the pandemic. >> i think it's a very unique moment, nothing like any disruptive marketplace i've experienced in the past 40
1:45 am
years. >> reporter: the pandemic empty offices around the country today the number of people returning to in-person work is less than 50% in ten metro areas forcing companies to rethink physical office space. half of the biggest global companies say they'll need less real the city in the next three years. leaving landlords with loans to pay in a bind. if your tenant is not making money what do you do? >> there's no recouping lost money for downtown. >> reporter: steven doral runs new york's city's largest commercial landlord with 3 million feet of space tour rent, the tentent vacancy rate shot up 3% pre-family, to 10% today. that calls for creativity. you can build a set in here, you can have a fight scene in here. >> reporter: s.l. green is working with back lot the company that connects landlords and 320 buildings across new york and new jersey with
1:46 am
film and tv companies. this episode of "law & order" was filmed in this office in midtown manhattan, the watcher of netflix on the east side offices. >> i think people are starting to look at holistically how they can support a revenue stream. >> reporter: this year, s.l. green said it will earn $3 million from tv shoots and film shoots. >> it's helped to mitt case the loss of real estate in downtown. >> reporter: office buildings could be turned into residential, a big need. this project in washington, d.c., once an office building, is being turned into apartments. but that's not an easy quick-fix process. less than 1% of apartments nationwide are converted from commercial properties. and across the river in arlington, virginia, the city is trying to get ahead of its empty office space problem, at 22%. >> i'm sitting right today in northern eastern's d.c. campus.
1:47 am
last year, university was not allowed to take up space in an office building. >> reporter: thanks to new city zoning laws that's now possible. along with seven new types of commercial businesses like animal boarding, hydroponic farms and -- pickle ball. it's already happening in south jersey. this 22,000 square foot pickle ball facility was a vacant burlington coat factory in a strip maul. recent vacate ncy at record hig. are there options like this on the market? >> yeah, more opportunity than we thought there would be in the market. >> reporter: pickle ball sport is the fastest growing sport in america, does that mean the sport needs to find places to play quickly? >> the greatest threat to pickle ball is the lack of facility. >> reporter: vanessa yurkevich, cnn, egg harbor township, new
1:48 am
jersey. in the days ahead, the sexual assault trial of kevin spacey will continue in london. >> spacey accused of committing four defenses with two men. he denies the allegations. >> an ad agency in the philippines is under fire over a new tourism company there. the reason why, and the reaction, next. er favorite swea. so much, she marched up to her boss and said 'dan i want a raise'! his name is bob. woolite e protects your favorites from fading, pilling, and stretching. so you can wear them as long as you love t them.
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they can help you get started with your idea. call now 800-710-0020. ♪ sports highlights this hour. the baltimore -- what is it -- orioles? defeated the minnesota twins 2-1 on sunday. watch this spectacular catch by baltimore's cedric mullen. and scoring a run. minnesota had to give mullins credit for that catch. and in the high-speed world of nascar new zealand has won the marlboro chicago street race. here's the first drive since 1963 and the seventh overall in
1:53 am
nascar history. when can asked if he would consider racing in the series full time. he said he's doing one more year in as you trail that then, quote, would love to come over here. >> and max verstappen dominated on saturday. seventh overall this season. he did, however, briefly give up his lead on lap 26 and ending a remarkable streak of 279 led. verstappen is not thinking of winning a world title, but that he's there. novak djokovic is going for his 24th grand slam title. the star will open up on centre court where he hasn't lost in ten years. venus williams, five-time champ, returns to the singles event for the 20th time. an ad agency is apologizing
1:54 am
for using footage of other countries in a promotional video of the philippines' new tourism campaign. >> that apology comes as the department of tour iminvestigating those allegations. the department has contracted ad agency ddp philippines to help with the campaign but said the video was not part of the contract. >> ad agency said the stock footage promoting the philippines was highly inappropriate. >> and entirely defeats the object, particularly when the philippines has so much to offer without having to did that. an update on the story of vanilla the chimp. we're told she is doing well and getting along with her new friends and soaking up the sun. in case you missed it, here's the moment of joy for vanilla. she spent the first 28 years in cages. the first part of her life in a research laboratory in a shelter with no view of the sky. now like a lot of retiree, vanilla is spending her golden
1:55 am
years in the sunshine state. she's living on three acres of open land in ft. pierce, florida, the ceo of save the chimps tells us more of vanilla's life before she came to century. >> up in now, has been really been able to enjoy the opportunity of freedom, having freedom, as they so deserve. and that's what we all witnessed. and as we celebrate independent day, this video, this heartwarming video, like all vanilla's having getting her first taste at freedom really shows how chimpanzees like us cherish and enjoy independence and freedom. and you can see them behind me, some of them. and that's the island where now vanilla enjoys life as close to
1:56 am
what they would have had in the wild as possible. >> she says chimps can live into their 60s. right now, there are 227 chimps on the island in florida. and i'm definitely going to go if i can visit or support next time i go to florida. they eat about 2.5 tons of food every day. save the chimps is an organization which runs on donations. >> just that little glance has given them so much publicity. >> it really has. it melts your heart and says so much and transcends species. and final list, the first super moon of the year is about to make its brilliant mark in the sky. in roughly 2 1/2 hours it's expected to reach peak illumination over the horizon. >> this is called the buck moon. it's 13,000 miles closer to the earth. if you missed a view, don't worry, this won't be the last. thanks for joining us here
1:57 am
on "cnn newsroom." i'm max foster. >> are you going to go look at it with the telescope? >> it's always tool cloudy. >> i'm bianca nobilo. "early start" will be up next right here on cnn. there is a better way to manage diabetes. the dexcom g7 continuous glucose monitoring system eliminates painful fingersticks, helps lower a1c, and is covered by medicare. before using the dexcom m g7, i was really frustrated. all of that fifinger-pricking and all that pain, my a1c was still stuck. before dexcom g7, i couldn't enjoy a single meal. i was always trying to outguess my glucose, and it was awful. before dexcom g7, my diabetes was out of control because i was tired.
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